Edwyn Roberts


Edwyn Roberts


Born in the city of Cremona, from Argentinian origin on Nov. 26th 1992.

Motivated by his father, violin maker, and his mother,singer and singing teacher, he starts playing his first instrument at  only four years old:  Diatonic organetto ( typical instrument played in popular songs) , from that moment onwards, his musical knowledge and his innate capacities to play other instruments, grow very fast.At the age of eight, he starts playing the violin till the age of fifteen. The next approach, to the acoustic and electric guitar, drums and piano, will allow him to define himself as a self-taught multi-instrumentalist.
 His family support,two younger sisters- both of them singers- and the music oriented high school he attended, have surely influenced his decision to improve his music writing and singing. Edwyn sings Coldplay, Bon Iver, Michael Bubblè, and Kings of Leon; but If allowed to choose… Unexpectedly he performs Sogna Ragazzo Sogna” by Roberto Vecchioni and “ Slly” by Vasco Rossi. He loves also “ Anna e Marco” by Luccio Dalla and “ Anime Salve” by Fabrizio de Andrè.

The meeting with his friend composer and singerwriter Niccolò Agliardi, will take him to co-write many songs such as “ Mattia”, the piece that Edwyn presented during the transmission of the Programm “ AMICI” where he received admiration and consensus from the public and specialized critics.

In fact,during an intervew, Edwyn declares: “ Mattia resembles me a lot. He is a very sensitive and complicated boy. He doesn’t smile often but when he does, it’s because he’s laughed so much inside,that he is not able to keep a straight face any longer. He has fears ,of course. He frightens the most strange things. But ,at the same time, he has learned that the best way to make those fears disappear is to do everything being still afraid. Sooner or later they will go away.”

Edizioni Curci has recently signed him as an author via an exclusive publishing deal .